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We will assist you in determining whether incorporating is right for you or not. Before you begin the incorporation process, you will need to choose a business structure. INTAX CENTRO LATINO can help you form a new corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC). 

You should review our Business Comparison Chart below for the advantages of forming a C Corporation, Subchapter S Corporation, or LLC as opposed to keeping your business as a General Partnership (GP) or Sole Proprietorship (SP).

Advantage                                                         C Corp          S Corp          LLC            GP            SP

Owners have limited liability for business
debts and obligations                                             X                    X                 X

Created by a state-level registration that 
usually protects the company name                      X                    X                 X

Business duration can be perpetual                      X                    X                 X

May have an unlimited number of owners             X                                       X                X

Owners need not be U.S. citizens or residents      X                                       X                X               X

May be owned by another business, rather than
individuals                                                               X                                       X

May issue shares of stock to attract investors        X                   X

Owners can report business profit and loss on
their personal tax returns                                                              X                 X               X               X

Owners can split profit and loss with the
business for a lower overall tax rate                       X

Permitted to distribute special allocations,
under certain guidelines                                                                                                    X               X

Not required to hold annual meetings or record
meeting minutes                                                                                               X              X               X

Our Business Incorporation service includes:

- Preliminary name check

- Preparation of Articles of Incorporation

- Filing of Articles of Incorporation

- Customized Bylaws & Resolutions

- Priority Rush Service (24 - 72 hours)

- Tax ID EIN

- Deluxe corporate Kit




Individual Tax Identification Number

Número de Identificación Personal del Contribuyente (ITIN)
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